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Application Form


 Online consultation;
 Get the necessary data;
 Analysis of received data;
 Planning the works to be carried out;
 Determination of the expected period;
 Meeting at the airport;
 Transfer in a pre-selected hotel;
 Supervise all stages of service;
 Checking the performed works;
 Tour in Tbilisi;
 Farewell evening;
 Transfer to the airport;

We are pleased to present you our new service, which is designed to achieve the highest possible result at the reasonable price; "Dental Tours" have existed in Georgia for a long time. This direction is a well-established practice for many countries and has different names in different countries. For example, in Europe it is called a "Dental Vacation."

This service aims to save your funds significantly, at the same time get high quality results and altogether, enjoy your vacation. We will assist you in planning a tour so that you can combine your visit to dentist with a nice vacation and go sightseeing to the beautiful places of Georgia.

Form and Stages of Relationship

Relationship between the company and the vacationer includes the following stages:

  • Online consultation involves collecting primary information on vacationers;
  • After first contact and determining dental direction, our consultant will provide you with a list of data to be sent needed for determining all necessary stages for the volume and treatment works to be carried out (3D panorama, picture ...);
  • Transaction required for consulting and planning the work to be carried out;
  • After receiving the data the doctor - dentist invited by us leads the medical consilium composed of the relevant qualification doctors;
  • After the medical consilium the vacationer is provided with the results of the medical consilium through the communication (the name and description of the works to be performed, the necessary period for the completion of the work, the necessary budget for the work to be carried out);
  • At the next stage vacationer chooses the date of arrival, tours of his/her interest and hotel;
  • A new budget of the tour is agreed – considering the planned holiday tours and the cost of the jointly selected hotel;
  • Based on the given information, the exact schedule of the "Dental Tour" is determined in terms of combining visit to the dentist and travel tours, which also is agreed with the vacationer;
  • On arrival, our employee will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel;
  • We ensure your transportation to the clinics to carry out the work envisaged in the plan (specificity of the works may include several clinics);
  • At every stage, the quality of the completed work will be examined by our invited specialist and only in case of the high quality the transition to the next stage will be conducted;
  • After passing all the stages, our company offers a farewell evening at the restaurant;
  • On departure day, our employee will arrange seeing you off in the airport;
  • After your departure, in case of necessity, you will be provided with an online consultation.

  • Our most important advantages

    We have invited especially for you a high-class professional (Tea Khorava), whose achievements are:

  • Doctor of Medical Science;
  • Many works and articles in therapeutic dentistry;
  • Invention - National Institute of Intellectual Property "Sakpatenti-Patent Canal Filling Material for the Treatment of Chronic and Chronic Aggravated Form of Periodontitis P3468" (Publication);
  • Elaboration and standardization of medicines for periodontitis and cysts. TSMU Collection of Scientific Works (publication);
  • Use of metiluracil defused with zeolite for the treatment of periodontitis. Georgian Medical News (Publication);
  • Invention and patent in creation of mineral dental filling (having analogue in the world);
  • State certificate in therapeutic dentistry;
  • State Certificate in Public Health and Health Organization;
  • Chief Doctor-Dentist at one of the leading clinics in Georgia (Curacio);
  • Current Practitioner Dentist;
  • Today there are plenty of dental clinics operating in Georgia, staffed by specialists of different level and in many cases even the local residents have difficulties in finding out where to get proper service. Based on the current situation in the field, the services will attract the interest of the local population as well.