Tetnuldi is a summit of Caucasus mountains in Mestia, Svaneti. The total hight of summit Tetnuldi is 4852 meters above the sea level. There is a well developed ski resort of the same name "Tetnuldi" in Mestia. The Resort is located 1500 meters above the sea level and its constuction began in May 2014. The Resort "Tetnuldi" has 9,5 km. ski route with the 1,7 km. vertical descent, which makes it the longest ski route in southern Caucasus.

Mestia is the administrative centre of Svaneti-the one of the most beautiful and the oldest regions of Georgia. Svaneti differs from other high mountain regions of Europe with the fact, that, despite the high altitude and severe climatic conditions, the population never leaves it on any season of the year.

Svaneti stands out with its own culture and traditions. The region’s complex relief was one of key factors in protecting Svaneti from invaders. That is way Svaneti, more so than other regions of Georgia, was able to preserve its own freedom and traditions. During the hard times, this land kept, maintained and provided resources and power necessary for the entire nation to survive. One glance at the mountain peaks, jutting into the sky, beautiful untouched nature, ancient towers and the history of Svaneti will open before your eyes with all its glory! Myths and legends still live in Svaneti. The House-museum of famous georgian alpinist Mikheil Khergiani is also located in Mestia. He was named as "Tiger of mountains". In Svaneti there is also situated The history and ethnography museum. It has 6 exhibition halls. One of them is dedicated to the Christian treasures and displays masterpieces dating back to 9th-18th centuries, such as: forty sebastian martyrs icon, an embroidered byzantine icon, venetian cross, a jug donated by Queen Tamar, Adisi Gospels and many others.