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Tourism in Georgia

The greatest history, geographic location and amazing hospitality- these are the reasons why Georgia attracts many visitors from different parts of the world and leaves ineffaceable impression on them.

Georgia is distinguished with its diversity that attracts a lot of tourist throughout of the all seasons of the year. There are various types of tours. One can visit amazing historic places, sculptures and other archaeological achievements, some of them are dated BC. They also can visit and spend pleasant time on the different health resorts such as summer health resorts, mountain skiing resorts, balneological health resorts or other medical or entertainment resorts. All that is topped with georgian hospitality, which has been one of the main characteristics of Georgian people from the ancient time- for Georgian host is a guest one sent from God himself and therefore guests are treated with utter respect. Georgian traditional table is an "academy" on its own - here every toast has deep meaning. Wine itself is inseparable part of traditional georgian table.

Georgia is cradle of wine, which has been proven through many archeological evidances. On georgian therotory has been discovered ancient grape seeds, dated from 6th century BC. Vineyard cultivation and wine production is ancient georgian tradition. Nowadays more than 500 wine varieties are known in Georgia. Qinzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tvishi, Ojaleti, Manavi, Khvanchkara, Saperavi, Tsinandali and others are well-known georgian wine.

From various tours, which are offered in Georgia, one of the most beloved and demanded tour amongst the foreign tourist is wine tour. Wine tour includes the visit to wine cellars and testing various wine, attending uncovering the pitcher ritual. (pitcher is eartonware inside the land, where the wine is kept, wine of pitcher includes a lot of tannin, it gives special taste to wine.) Tourists also have an opportunity to learn more about history of wine. Wine tours also include visiting interesting places in Georgia (historic sculptures, fortresses, georgian folklore, etc.)

Wine has always been very important for georgian people. When enemy occupied the teritory of Georgia, the first thing they tried to do was to distroy vineyeards, knowing that wine was one of the the biggest strength of georgian people. Georgian table is unimaginable without wine. One of the main criteria of evaluating georgian table is the quality of wine. The better the quality of wine, the more proud is the host. There might be not much on the table, but it is very important to have excellent wine. On georgian traditional table importand toastes are said with wine.

The last several years Georgia paid a lot of attention to developing tourism. According to international experts Georgia is one of the safest country for tourists. Year after year travelling in Georgia is getting more and more attractive for foreign tourists. Georgian infrastructure gives opportunity to holidayers (foreign tourists) to receive the highest service with the amazingly moderate price in comparsion to other foreign famouse resorts.

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Assia. It has connected Europe and Assia from the ancient time with so called "silk road", which lays across the country and till nowdays Georgia plays an important roll in international transit: on Georgia lays the Baku-Supsa and the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, as well as very important railway road Baku-Tbilisi-Kars.

Georgia borders the Black sea from the west, the Russian Federation from the north, Azerbeijan from the south-east and Armenia and Trukey from the south. According to cultural-geographical point of view Georgia is located between south-east European and near-east Asian cultural regions,which influence the country’s cultural life and its social-economic development.

Georgia is rich with water resource. Here streams 26 060 river, their total length reachs 60 000 km. Georgia has rich flora and fauna, plenty of mineral resources and is one of the richest country with its underground waters. It is 2,5 times higher than worlds index per capita. According to the chemical and air staff, georgian underground waters are characterised by diversity. They are used as drinkable water and medical purposes, as well as sources of heat energy. Some of the drinkable and medical mineral water is bottled and goes on export on foreign Markets. Such water are, for example: Nabeghlavi, Borjomi, Mitarby, Sairme, etc.

On the territory of Georgia is well-known more than 100 layer of underground waters. Their natural resource is 18 billion m3 in the year.(573m3/second). Their 95% is drinkable water.

Because of its wealth Georgia always had had many enemies. Georgia had fought countless wars and had won many. During the invasions Georgians were trying to hide themselvs and their treasure in caves and in other difficult-to-reach places.

During their construction of different buildings- fortresses, temples or other monastries, was foreseen various hidding places and secret exits. This way Georgia was even more unachievable and difficult to occupy. One of the unique architectural creature is the biggest ecclesiastical building the Svetitskhoveli cathedral, which was built in 11th centucy and is preserved until today. Between its walls there are secret tunnels, where church servants could feel safe in case of invasion. Inside the church is a Well, which also has a secret tunnel.